Monday, March 4, 2013

In KATHMANDU! (the city, not the store that I’m currently a walking advert for)

Hi Nana and Grandad! (Since, lets face it, no one else will be reading this). I made it to Nepal! It was a little strange saying bye to the Whangarei but the nerves didn’t kick in until I got to the airport and promptly threw up.  Singapore was good- not as hot as it was in July, that was a bonus as I had to wear 50 layers in an attempt to lighten my luggage, I failed on that front, my checked baggage was 3kg over and my hand luggage was over by 6. (Oops!). I just looked really confused and smiled and they overrode the extra charge. I doubt I’ll be that lucky going though India though!

Taken on my evening walk to get veges last night

Woken up by a rooster crowing, I know it’s Tuesday morning but I’m not too sure what time exactly.  (5am I think. The electricity is on so it must be before 6am as there’s a black out scheduled then).  Kathmandu is incredible. Set in a valley, with different architecture and colourful homes. Getting through customs is a breeze, I struggled to lift my pack on to the belt to go through the conveyer belt for the x-ray so the nice man just told me not to bother with the x-ray and just go through.  A friend of Abby’s, Adam met me, and we piled on to a motorbike. When dad and I were backpacking through South-east Asia we often saw people on motorbike carrying crazy loads. I 100% felt like a local. Huge pack on my back and trying to balance another 10kg of ‘hand luggage’ on my front, no way of really holding on and no helmet haha. It was only ten kms to the village I’m staying in and Adam’s a great driver- so it was actually sweet as.

The Children’s Home (similar to our concept of an orphanage) is incredible, about 30 people are living in a four storey house (I know it four stories ‘cause two dogs just chased me up them! Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, Abby stayed here last year and gave me some photographs of her and the children, I brought along blue-tak & the excitement the kids had over takking the pictures to their walls was awesome! Kathmandu is beautiful but definitely a culture shock! I’ll tell you more about it later; I’m off to watch the sunrise over the city from the rooftop. xx

View of Kathmandu from the road

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