Saturday, March 2, 2013

Goodbye NZ!

My friends and I celebrating my 23rd with a picnic in the park -Cornwell Park, Auckland NZ
This week I turned 23. Tonight I fly to Kathmandu. (The capital of Nepal, not the store). While I don't have a set "Bucket List", there are a few things that I've always wanted to do and have managed to achieve, go to a Moto GP, eat gnocchi, gelato and pizza in Rome, get a Bachelors Degree, backpack around Europe and see the sunrise over Ankor Wat in Cambodia etc. For some reason for the last few years I've wanted to trek to Base Camp of Mt Everest. Less than three weeks ago my friend Kara and I wandered into a travel agent to see where I could have a substantial stopover on my way to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Last week I bought a flight to Bishkek with a month long stop over in Nepal. I figure that since I'm going to be so close to Mt Everest I really should give Base Camp a shot! Turns out it may be more of a challenge than I initially expected. 13 days on the wai-wai express! I am excited to be travelling again, I think my favourite part is that when I'm in a new place nothing is familiar, back home almost everything is. I'm definitely going to miss New Zealand, my family and friends, the food, the ocean, hot showers and my bed, but I cannot wait for this new adventure!

The sun setting over the South Island - Red Rocks, Wellington NZ


  1. Wow that is terrific! Very impressed that you are going to do the trek to base camp on such a short notice! What a great spirit you have. You are going to have a great time, looking forward to catching up with you after :)


    1. Thanks Lucas! Nepal was amazing and I loved the trek!