Sunday, December 29, 2013

Twenty Thirteen, thanks for being part of mine

Call me turtle- I'm still lugging this around and still can't do a single press up.

Twenty thirteen, what a year! 365 days ago I did not have a clue how it would turn out! 20 countries, countless adventures, more terrible meals and overnight bus journeys than I care to remember… plenty of fun nights I wish I could remember! More importantly than the sight seeing, partying and travelling was the incredible people I met and the friendships I formed.

laughing in Budapest

Beach with the girls; Vama Veche in Romania

before a night out in Kyrgyzstan 

Don’t get me wrong I met plenty of dickheads but on the whole it was fantastic to see the world as such a beautiful, friendly and helpful place. From the children’s home in Nepal that showed me what it meant to have so little and yet be so happy and content, to the random family in Bulgaria that picked me up hitchhiking, to the people that have let me crash at their place (including plenty of family-thanks mum for that couch in Kyrgyzstan!) this year has been so wonderful.

childrens home in  Kathmandu

An italian, an aussie, a canadian and a kiwi on a Turkish boat cruise

I saw a wild tiger, trekked to Mt Everest Base Camp, made it to Gallipoli, experienced political uprisings in Nepal, Bulgaria and Turkey among others- the passion of a country enraged with their government is so exciting to see. Auschwitz was indescribably painful to visit. For the first time I was in a country where I felt truly unsafe (Kosovo). Got lost countless times, saw sunsets and sunrises. I discovered I really suck at maintaining a blog. I skyped more than I thought possible and learnt that my true friends would always be there for me even when we are so far apart.

wild tiger crossed the road in front of me

Everest Buddies!

Christmas Day sunset parasail in Thailand

Thank you to everyone who was part of my year- especially you who made me laugh and shared in my joy.

To an amazing 2013 and even better 2014!

Lots of Love,

Tracy xx.


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