Tuesday, May 28, 2013



To stay on in Kyrgyzstan for free, my visa requires that I have an overseas adventure every two months. Such a hard life I lead! So, I’m eating Turkish pide in a gorgeous café on the waterfront in Eceabat, Turkey! (It’s pronounced ay-JAY-ah-baht). The flight left Bishkek at 530am and we arrived in Istanbul to a beautiful day, Dad also needed an overseas adventure for his visa so has joined me a for a few days! Our first morning was spent wandering around the area near the Sultan Hostel where we stayed.

In the afternoon we spent four glorious hours drinking beer in the sun on a Bosphorus cruise. The weather here has been amazing, it’s almost like Turkish sky doesn’t know what clouds are! 
On the cruise
Information on all the historical sights was surprisingly interesting although please don’t quiz me on it :-D. As we didn’t sleep the night before I was in bed by midnight and up at 6am to head to Gallipoli!

 A five hour drive from Istanbul, Gallipoli has a large significance for us Kiwi’s (and the Aussies too). I’m not going to say too much about is as I think it’s best that you see it yourself but its incredible and very sobering to be at the site of the battles. Our guide was excellent, very knowledgeable and excellent English (RSL tours seem to be fantastic so far!). I’m going to do more research on Gallipoli as I always thought that it was a victory for the ANZACs when in reality it wasn’t. 

Now that I’ve finished a surprisingly delicious tea and fed a skinny stray ginger cat most of the cheese on my pide I’m off to Troy!


  1. How long are you planning on living in Kyrgyzstan for? Sounds like they have a great visa policy!

  2. No idea! I might go to Bulgaria this weekend and see what it's like there, I would like to move to London but need to sort out working visas etc :)

  3. You thought it was a victory when you were a very small young child, right Tracy? Right???


    Loving the photos xx